Are We Out Of The Woods?

This is where I stand now.
And it’s my job to create, rather than find, a path THROUGH this haze and gloom that currently defines me.

I believe that there isn’t any universal definition of what’s right, and what’s not. I believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and one that must be respected, whatever the case. But in saying that, opinions are not FACTS.

And maybe that’s why, there is no documented or ABSOLUTE way out of this abyss of confusion, other than death. But no one even knows for sure if death is the complete end of existence. There’s no “right” way out of the woods.

So, is it all just about the survival? You get through everything that life throws at you until you are blinded by death, never to see what lies beyond the trees…is that what it is?

I’d hate to imagine such a befuddling and obscure world as that. And that brings me to my blog : IMAGINION

Imagination + Opinion

Isn’t it beautiful how these words can be morphed into one, just as easily as they can be separated as two?

My thoughts are a product of my imagination and/or opinion.

And this blog is a product of my thoughts.

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